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A woman walking Tuesday morning was rushed to the hospital for electrocution injuries after leaning on a lamp post in Rowell’s Waterfront Park in Key Largo

The woman was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and was in stable condition as of Wednesday despite suffering through muscle spasms all Tuesday night, according to reporting from local news outlets. Her husband told reporters “the whole pole was live” and that his wife simply touched one of the street lights and was shocked. As a result of the electrocution, the woman had a burn mark the size of a dime on her knee. 

Officials with Monroe County Parks and Beaches along with Wire Nuts, a company hired to conduct the repairs, were investigating the incident. The park, 8 acres of waterfront property located along the Overseas Highway, underwent repairs in the last few years including the construction of new restrooms, walking paths, lighting, wi-fi and electricity. The light poles that electrocuted the woman Tuesday were installed approximately two years ago. 

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