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Leesfield & Partners secures almost half a million in settlements for Monroe County clients

Leesfield & Partners proudly announces that the firm has secured $460,000 in combined settlements for two clients injured in separate Monroe County incidents. 

The first of the two cases, both handled by Leesfield & Partners Trial Lawyer, Evan Robinson, took place in February of 2022 and resulted in serious injury to the client. The case was able to be settled with a $10,000 award for bodily injury and $100,000 in uninsured motorist policy coverage. 

Uninsured motorist policies exist to protect injured drivers if the at-fault driver does not have coverage or cannot be identified, like in cases of a hit-and-run. This policy differs from under-insured motorist coverage which protects the injured driver if the at-fault driver’s policy cannot cover the full extent of the damages. 

The incident at the center of the second case resulted in tremendous injury and severe pain for a client in January of 2023. The client in that case fell down a non-code-compliant staircase at a rental property. The risers, the space between one step and the next, varied in height which inhibited the client from safely going down the stairs. Additionally, the owners of the property installed a boat oar as a railing, resulting in the client being unable to catch themselves when they sensed they were beginning to fall. The staircase was found to be in violation of a multitude of state Fire Prevention, Standard Housing and Building codes. The client was awarded $350,000 in that case.  

Other cases involving falls and premises liability – a legal term that, in Florida, refers to a property owner’s responsibility to ensure their property is reasonably safe for guests and visitors – that have been handled by Leesfield & Partners involve falls at restaurants, bars and hotels. A combined estimate of just a handful of these cases has resulted in over $3 million in awards for injured clients. 

Motor vehicle crashes handled by the law firm total in multi-million awards for clients including a county-wide record-setting verdict in the case of a family whose daughter was senselessly killed and whose son was left needing round-the-clock care after a drunk driver hit them head-on. That tragic crash took place as the family readied to send off their daughter for her medical school orientation. The case resulted in $57 million for the son who was diagnosed with severe orthopedic and brain injuries. The parents were also awarded $38 million. This is the largest motor vehicle accident verdict in Miami-Dade County and the fourth largest in the state. 

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