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Leesfield & Partners Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of Key West Resort Guest Who Contracted Legionnaires’ Disease

Leesfield & Partners has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a vacationer for her claims against Hawk’s Cay Resort for the negligent transmission of Legionnaires’ disease which caused significant injury and illness.  Marcia Blanar was a guest at Hawk’s Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida, from June 30, 2021 until July 6, 2021, where she contracted the disease.

An investigation and environmental assessment of the property by the Florida Department of Health revealed a positive growth result for Legionella bacteria in the fountain near the main pool of the Hawk’s Cay Resort.  Legionnaires’ disease is a serious form of pneumonia that is spread from aerosolized water that contains Legionella bacteria.  According to the Florida Department of Health at least two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease were linked to individuals who had traveled to Hawks Cay during their exposure period.

The fountain near the main pool area where Legionella was positively identified by the Florida Department of Health is located at a main junction of the resort.  Multiple pool chairs flank the decorative circular fountain, and the exterior of the fountain is also utilized as a seat for hotel guest.  The area of the fountain is also immediately adjacent to a bar and several food service facilities.  Mrs. Blanar was exposed to the Legionella while sitting next to the fountain enjoying a beverage.  Hawks Cay Resort is a massive complex, advertised as having 427 villas and hotel rooms, six restaurants, a saltwater lagoon, five swimming pools, a full-service spa, as well as onsite watersports, fishing charters and Dolphin Connection facility on the premises.

Use of the offending fountain has been discontinued since it was identified by the Department of Health as the source of the outbreak.  A memo from the Department of Health indicates that the fountain was drained on August 13, 2021, and sterilized.  It will now be filled with sand and rocks and water will no longer flow through it.  The Florida Department of Health believes that it is possible that other Hawks Cay guests or employees of the resort may have contracted Legionnaires’ disease.  Ira Leesfield has filed a lawsuit against Hawks Cay resort as a result of its negligence which caused Ms. Blanar to contract the lethal Legionnaires disease.

If you or a loved one believes that you have been exposed to diseases while on vacation, please contact the resort tort attorneys at Leesfield & Partners to discuss your legal rights.

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The success of the firm resulted in the opening of an office in Key West, Florida in 1987.  Through the Key West office, the firm has established itself as the leading personal injury and wrongful death law firms in the Florida Keys. Having an office situated in Key West, just blocks from the court house, allows Leesfield & Partners, to uniquely serve its clients in Monroe County. Most law firms, on the plaintiffs and defense side do not have this luxury, often having to travel from Miami, Tampa or Fort Lauderdale to meet with their clients and handle cases in the Keys.

Our strong and perennial presence in the Key West has allowed our clients to obtain record settlements and verdicts.  Our firm has obtained the largest personal injury verdict in Monroe County’s history stemming from the brutal assault and security negligence case of our client that resulted in a $40.5 million verdict.  Prior to this, we tried a case to verdict and secured a $2.1 million award for our client who was ran over by an ambulance in Key West.  More recently we secured a $5.2 million settlement for our client who was crushed by another vehicle while operating his scooter.  Over the years we have fought on behalf of countless innocent victims of crimes and acts of negligence throughout Monroe County.  Victims such as EMS first responders, teachers, crossing guards, retirees, hotel maids, guests at resorts and restaurants, tourists, handymen, minor children and more.

To give back, our firm welcomes former clients, attorneys, and members of the Monroe County Bar Association for a CLE luncheon and our annual conch fritters reception in our office, an opportunity to share our love for Key West.  The latest gathering was held very recently, read more here on another successful event.

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